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Join Justin Nobel as he reveals Fracking's BIG radioactive secret

Justin Nobel writes on science and environment for US magazines, investigative sites, and literary journals. He has been published in Best American Science and Nature Writing and Best American Travel Writing. His 2020 Rolling Stone magazine story, "America's Radioactive Secret," won an award from the National Association of Science Writers and inspired this book. Justin's writing has helped lead to lawsuits, public dialogue, academic

research and been taught at Harvard's School of Public Health.

Justin will share his riveting first hand accounts about attempts to "treat" fracking waste and the harm it has caused and is causing to people, water, biodiversity and the workers in treatment plants at the following venues:

● Taos - Thursday, July 11th at Somos, 108 Civic Plaza Drive - 5:00PM

● Santa Fe (and online) - Friday, July 12th at Collected Works, 202 Galisteo St - 6:00PM (Register for Zoom event here)

● Albuquerque - Saturday, July 13th at Abq Center for Peace & Justice, 202 Harvard Dr SE - 4PM - RSVP here

“A powerful industry has spread harms across the land, its people, and more so than anyone, their very own workers, and did what they could to make sure no one ever put all the pieces together. And no one ever has — until now. Oilfield waste has been spilled, spread, injected, dumped, and freely emitted across this nation. And contamination has been discharged sometimes illegally, often legally—into the same rivers America’s towns and cities draw their drinking water from.” - Nobel, Big Oil’s Radioactive Secret

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